Your Editing Wizard: Megan Christy

About Me

Typical of those in the millennial generation, my career journey has taken me through a variety of industries from video games to nonprofits to commercial films. But despite trying my hand at all these different career paths, I hadn't found a good fit until I took a step back and discovered in all of my job roles one common thread: I really enjoyed and excelled at the writing and editing tasks. With this discovery in mind, I completed University of Washington's Certificate in Editing program to solidify my skills and have been a freelancing editor since.

As a mixed-race Japanese American, I'm fluent in Japanese and familiar with both American and Japanese culture, particularly the geekier aspects of it, which has been helpful for localization projects I've worked on. Due to my ethnic background, I'm passionate about helping those whose voices may have been forgotten or overlooked by society, such as BIPOC and other marginalized writers, and I want to help these writers break into their respective creative industries.

I'm most excited about working with video games, fantasy and sci-fi novels, and other "geeky" materials, but I'm qualified and happy to work with other types of projects.

I'm based in Seattle, WA, with a senior Pit Bull Terrier and a plant jungle, and some of my personal writing can be found on as well as on the South Seattle Emerald.